Solar eclipse – The Pathway to Totality

The Pathway to Totality  Is not another catch phrase for a selected group of people, this is what the world is calling the 90 mile swatch of the Eclipse in its full expression across the U.S. Including Oregon. That’s where we come into it. It happens that we are in the middle of the ¨Pathway […]

Pass the Salt!

Pass the Salt!.   I am up visiting my Mother  in the U.S. and notice she salts all her food a bit heavy handedly and over the years has developed eczema.  She visited her Dermatologist who give her (after many trial and error creams)  an expensive prescriptions  which kinda works maybe…  This trial and error […]

Pet Food in the Raw…

Pet Food in the Raw… I want to share a little story about one of our Montana ranch dogs.  They thrived on organs and bones from deer and elk.   “Stubby” was a little mutt off the Crow Indian reservation who loved to ride along and go out with the cows.  One day my husband and […]