Going Bananas

Going  Bananas   I use to avoid bananas for the simple reason of its high content of sugars and carbs.  Now I see bananas as a super food, already packaged and ready to take along with me to give me a boost when my agenda keeps me running.  It helps to have a few varieties […]

Yoga increases memory cognisance..and more!

Now they tell us?? This comes as no surprise to those that have discovered the benefits of yoga and meditation, which as they say, go way beyond a flexible, strong and balanced body Now New research suggests that yoga and meditation may not only give you a flexible body and inner peace but a combination […]

10 cures for a spider bite

Clip and save.. The wet weather will bring them out of the woodwork.. It happened that my sweet, pretty, super white skinned niece was bitten by a spider while sleeping in our adobe house in San Sebastian. That set us on a cure for the swelling and itching that followed. Hey…they are around and can […]

Maguey Honey..Another Mexican super food from the past.

Maguey Honey..Another Mexican super food from the past. Thanks to our friends that provide Organic Select with heirloom wheat in the high plains of Tlaxcala, we learn firsthand the traditional benefits and processing of the pre-hispanic wonder plant called Maguey..not to be confused with agave, from which tequila is made. The tale goes that this […]