The Art of Rest

Now that the parties are mostly over, the feasting has slowed down and most of the family and and friends have gone home..its time to give yourself a break.  Aside from keeping your immune system up to par by maintaining  a balance between the 3 bodies, i.e. feeding your physical body with the right foods […]


For some reason my normal enthusiasm for Christmas lights and shopping for the perfect expression of thoughfullness is, quite frankly NIL. The thrust of blatant consumerism in the name of Christianity seem to be far from the sentiment. Having said that.. The whole meaning of the family Christmas has shifted as family ties are stretched […]

Medical Marijuana..CBD oil

There’s been a buzz about the medical merits of Marijuana.  I had no idea how big the industry had become in the 25 U.S. states where its legal, and on a global scale with over 30 countries approving with considerations including MEXICO.  They all agree basically that you can grow some, process some and keep […]