Yoga increases memory cognisance..and more!

Now they tell us?? This comes as no surprise to those that have discovered the benefits of yoga and meditation, which as they say, go way beyond a flexible, strong and balanced body Now New research suggests that yoga and meditation may not only give you a flexible body and inner peace but a combination […]

10 cures for a spider bite

Clip and save.. The wet weather will bring them out of the woodwork.. It happened that my sweet, pretty, super white skinned niece was bitten by a spider while sleeping in our adobe house in San Sebastian. That set us on a cure for the swelling and itching that followed. Hey…they are around and can […]


The Healing Power of Magnets   Sometimes I forget about magnets and how effective They really are.  However, an injured meniscus in my left knee left me in pain and limping around, resting and icing. It happened that i remembered (duhhhh) and ordered them on line, the 12,000 strength neodymium magnets arrived in the mail […]

Moringa Trees..local equivalent to Green Tea.

While we are visiting the northwest, something we truly miss is the advantage of having a Moringa tree outside the door… Yes, we do have the splendid advantage of growing Moringa trees in Puerto Vallarta. These graceful trees grow fast and product an abundance of seed pods in a relative short time. You can plant […]