Flood Relief and Growing pains

The South Star farm, located in the Cumunidad of Creiadero was hit hard by last months hurricane.

Our team members lamented over the loss of about 5 acres of planted ground.  This would be open air crops such as cucumbers, squash, potatoes, carrots corn..and seed crops.  We have been able to get in about a week ago to access the damage.  The flooding took all our seedlings and fences, leaving  3 or 4 inches of sand and  debris in its place.  The farm house was also flooded with running water, which damaged or carried away tools and equipment and most importantly, stored seeds.  Any farmer knows the importance of seed saving.

Having said that.

The Criadero families have replanted crops  in trays to get a jump start and be ready with transplants once we can get the horses back on the parcel. One of our friends donated a chain saw to replace the one lost, to start building fence.

The good thing is..once we get the debris cleaned up and the land leveled out again..(the flooding left us with a rather large pond in the middle of the parcel) we will have a perfect condition for root crops.

San Sebastian gardens were also affected by the heavy rains.  We have just finished replanting lettuces and arugula.  Which you will start seeing more of.  Of course Members orders come first, so what we have left in the green houses…go into your baskets.

Our friend Bob put up a go fund me page for members and friends support.  We have been humbled by the generosity, response and thoughtfulness. 



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