Local and Organic: You’re Best Choice

  Seems so, especially after seeing the film, Food Inc.   Pretty scary when it?s all put together and the audience has to swallow it in 90 minutes.   The  film points out with overwhelming evidence what spurs these huge corporate food giants on, which apparently has nothing with providing wholesome foods to Mexicans families and the […]

Spring is the season for..Cleansing and Detoxification ?

Easter! Spring is the season for cleaning and detox? Cleanliness is a hot topic; Which is often recommended by doctors or practitioners of homeopathic and free therapy. . Why cleaning receive so much attention? We live in a toxic world; The soil where our food is grown and the air we breathe are both loaded […]

Complimentary Therapies..Who. What and Why not..?

Complimentary Therapies..Who. What and Why not..?? With new therapies inundating the practice of medicine and the continual development of modern technological advances, it is becoming difficult to distinguish between therapies that are beneficial or adjunctive and those that are detrimental and unfounded. Moreover, because most physicians in the WEST are trained through allopathic pathways, there […]

Moringa Trees..local equivalent to Green Tea.

While we are visiting the northwest, something we truly miss is the advantage of having a Moringa tree outside the door… Yes, we do have the splendid advantage of growing Moringa trees in Puerto Vallarta. These graceful trees grow fast and product an abundance of seed pods in a relative short time. You can plant […]