For some reason my normal enthusiasm for Christmas lights and shopping for the perfect expression of thoughfullness is, quite frankly NIL. The thrust of blatant consumerism in the name of Christianity seem to be far from the sentiment.

Having said that..

The whole meaning of the family Christmas has shifted as family ties are stretched over thousands of miles.  And the nucleus style family has a different meaning.

In any case..

  Is there a way to get through these festivities without gaining or suffering from necessary indulgence and anxiety?  Heres my hard core survival list


(1) Plan ahead.   We have feelings and emotions that resurface during the holiday season and it is important to have a plan for when those feelings arise so that we do not behave in a self-destructive way.  Pass me the fudge and Champaign please,  here come the kids…(mom, dad..grandparents..) add CBD to the list for anxiety

(2) Take care of your body! Traveling around town during the holiday season can be physically exhausting with all the bad food, long lines..climatic changes.  Make sure your body has an opportunity to stretch and that your muscles are given a break and a chance to relax.  Get that massage or facial you have been promising yourself and drop in on a class or two.

(3) Be sure to get enough sleep! The hustle and bustle of the season may be exciting, but depriving your mind and body of sleep can create an unhealthy imbalance, which will interfere with your ability to handle stress positively.  How about just sleeping in.  Also, sleep being the best for remedy for colds and flu.

(4) Listen to your body! During the holiday season it is easy to neglect our hunger and fullness signals. Try to maintain a balanced meal system and be kind to yourself about what you are eating.  Eat a little something before going out to dine, it helps keep your blood sugar in balance while waiting for that fabulous late dinner and wine with friends and family.

(5) Take time for yourself! Plan to spend some time everyday to watch the sunset, take a walk, write, or just be. In order to maintain a perspective on the holiday season, it is important that you take some time to reflect on your experiences and attitudes.  Reflection and abundance..Those are big questions…so go ahead and ponder….

(6) Make sure that there is food available that you feel comfortable eating. Offer to bring a dish so that you are sure there will be food available for you. It is ideal to have as little anxiety as possible surrounding the food, especially during this season.  Adding raw salads is a way to add enzymes that will help digest exotic food combinations.  ( like my sweet  Montana Aunt Chantis mayonnaise and grape salad)

(7)  If you find that you are berating yourself for over-indulging or eating foods you normally would not eat, try giving yourself a BREAK… Remember we are taught from childhood the complex mixture of food, eating is and sharing is the same as  loving, caring.  Try to RELAX..add a liver cleanse to your January agenda.

Try to stay free of HOOK INS to negative energy from kids, parents, siblings and all those complicated relationships..really is that old battleground worth it??  Its called surrender and  is a hard lesson to practice when those old buttons are pushed.


(8) Enjoy yourself! Make sure you take time to enjoy the people around you and the essence of the holiday season. This sometimes takes courage and just down right giving in to the Brady Bunch depictions of the holidays which do not resemble the reality when the clan gets together.. But..lets get into the space of appreciation of and joy of the moment.

Yeah.. ok, I am gonna try some of that.

Happy Holidays.



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