Tonic Alchemy

350 MXN

Strengthening the immune system;

Helping to prevent viral infections, such as avian flu and influenza;
Treating the symptoms of asthma, bronchitis and other lung conditions;
Reducing risk factors associated with cardiovascular;
Lowering and moderating blood pressure;
Decreasing LDL and total cholesterol levels;
Elevating levels of HDL cholesterol;
Supporting liver and/or kidney function;
Anti-tumor effects;
Treating chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS);
Alleviating insomnia and other sleep issues;
Relieving the symptoms of stomach ulcers;
Reducing stress and increasing mental clarity;
Ganoderic acids are thought to play a therapeutic role.
Ganoderic acids are similar in molecular structure to steroid hormones. Further, reishi contains substances like polysaccharides,alkaloids and mannitol. Available:

-Immune Response
-Bones & Joints
-Brain Support
-Youth & Mood Support

50 drops 3 x a week for provention, daily for illness.


Eggs 12 Free Range and Grass Fed

$96 MXN

Chicken Whole Breast free ranged. (FRESH FROZEN)

$280 MXN

Avocado 1 lb (2 avocados)

$50 MXN

Raw dog food, organic 1/4 liter

$35 MXN

Ground beef Sirloin/organic 1 Lb

$160 MXN

Salad Blend disinfected ready to eat 1/2 Lb

$66 MXN


$75 MXN

Broccoli 1 Lb

$33 MXN

Cilantro Herb/leaf

$32 MXN